parentheses, dashes...

Does there exist a specification concerning text parentheses and/or
the text dashes -- like these ? 

It might be interesting to tag them, because they are used a lot,
and they have a simple semantic meaning.

e.g, one could try :

This is a sentence <paren> believe me </paren> which includes
a lot of parentheses <paren> which may be <paren> as they say
</paren> mind-boggling </paren>.

which would yield ==>

This is a sentence (believe me) which includes a lot of parentheses
(which may be [as they say] mind-boggling).

<paren> may be forced to be a specific kind of parens, e.g:
<paren kind=round> ()
<paren kind=square> []
<paren kind=curly> {}
<paren kind=?> <>
<paren kind=dash> --- ---  (LaTeX notation!)

The default value depends on the level of the parentheses,
in french it would be TOP-Level(0) ==> (),
                      Level(1) ==> [],
                      Level(2) ==> {}.

This applies only for TEXTS, not programs or anything like that.

Received on Thursday, 15 May 1997 05:46:39 UTC