problems with frames

I would like to suggest a few improvements on frame implementation:

1. It would be useful to have a TARGET attribute in a FRAME tag; the effect 
   would be similar to having a <BASE TARGET=url> in every html document loaded 
   into that frame.  

2. I would like to see a method of overriding the initial frame contents in the 
   URL; as an example:

   <!-- frameset.html -->
      <FRAME NAME="frame1" SRC="src1.html">
      <FRAME NAME="frame2" SRC="src2.html">

So I could view the document as-is using:


Or I could load the frame with src3.html loaded into frame2 using something 
along the lines of:


Or I could load src3.html into frame2 and src4.html into frame1:



On a somewhat-related note, I'd suggest allowing simple arithmetic (addition 
and subtraction would probably suffice) in WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes; for 


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Received on Wednesday, 21 May 1997 17:39:53 UTC