Re: Link checking (only)

At 4:44p -0400 05/12/97, Jeff de la Beaujardiere wrote:

 > HTTP/1.0 200 OK                   #response from server starts here
 > Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 20:33:17 GMT
 > Server: BESTWWWD/1.0
 > MIME-version: 1.0
 > Content-type: text/html
 > Connection closed by foreign host.

Telnet access... cool. (How many service types does telnet work with?)
Is HEAD guaranteed to not cause a "hit" on page counters?

 > > Hmm, that brings up another question: How does one find out what
 > > commands are supported by different web servers?
 > The HTTP 1.0 request methods are GET, POST, and HEAD (see
 >  HTTP 1.1 defines

I guess what I was really looking for was something like what my news-reader
has, a "Get Server Info" command which returns a list of supported commands.
I don't suppose there's anything like that for web servers? We just have to
assume that when we send a command (for a given version of HTTP), it will be
fully supported? I suppose I'm just trying to gauge how much error checking
an HTTP client would have to do (I'm planning to write one).


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