Re: Israeli HTML Standard

At 14:00 05/05/97 +0000, Misha Wolf wrote:
>Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
>>The Standards Institution of Israel (SII) is preparing a standard for
>>Hebrew in HTML. The standard is based on RFC 2070.
>That's good.  In what form will it be published?  An RFC?

For the Hebrew version, a Israeli standard. For the English version, I'm
not sure, now that HTML has moved from IETF to W3C. Maybe a W3C Note?

>I hope the language code used is "he" and not "iw".  Though ISO 639 was
>in 1989 to use "he" for Hebrew and "yi" for Yiddish, lots of people are still
>using the old codes ("iw" and "ji").

The draft specifies using the new codes and accepting both the new and the

>>An English translation of the draft (and the Hebrew version too) is
>>available upon request.
>Yes, please.  Is the English draft reachable via the Web?

I placed it at


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