Gathering IMG in the same HyperText Link... ?

I don't know if there currently exists a way of putting several IMG
in the same "group", so as to appear inside the same "box" when
they mean a <A HREF> link.

Instead of this, there are _several_ boxes, one for each IMG,
--- and even "underlined spaces" between the boxes, but this is not
the point here.       

Now, I put the question : does it make sense to display several
boxes when this is the _same_ link ?  After all, we already group
together the words within phrases, why not the images ?

If the problem is real (i.e: if I'm not writing nonsense here and
now, because I am too thick and I don't understand how the A HREF
works :/ ...), then it could be solved by using a Box, as LaTeX does.
Well I suppose browsers already use boxes, so the question is :
--- does there exist browsers which compute the height and width
of the big box which is the sum of all the small boxes, when dealing
with several IMG included in the same A HREF link ?


Nicolas esc Montessuit <> <>

Received on Friday, 23 May 1997 04:12:12 UTC