HTML question


I am in process of writing an HTML parser. After writing my grammar, I
found out some HTML facts which may effect the sanity of my grammer. I
used HTML reference library to do most of my stuff. I happened to
encounter an HTML document which had some constructs in it which
doesn't follow the HTML syntax as described but still the standard
browsers like IE and Netscape are able to load the HTML without any
Here is the example

The construct is in following format in the document

This is test1
This is test2

but if I refer to the HTML refernce library it should be 


The above mentioned example is one instance which I have encountered,
who knows there are how many other undocumented features.

Well now the question is, Is HTML grammer rigid or all these browsers
are using the undocummented grammer. 

I would appreciate if somebody can answer my question.

thanks in advance



Received on Thursday, 8 May 1997 16:05:30 UTC