Re: structured metadata using A

Rob wrote:
> Search engine developers are working on algorithms to filter out a
> lot of the 'bait'.
> Remember that web pages are primarily used by sentient beings, not
> computers.  Most people looking at a bogus web page will quickly
> realize it and continue down the search list.

Annotation is an important part of the solution. The problems of
annotation are hard, but the benefits of it are HUGE. One of the
benefits are some form of concensual structure for attaching keywords
and other metadata. Search engines should consider doing this today.
Hits that are infrequently followed in response to a particular search
should be moved down the list. That might also clean up the problem of
hundreds of copies of the same document or documents in the same set.
All but the most important of the hits would drop to the bottom of the

 Paul Prescod

Received on Wednesday, 14 May 1997 23:49:22 UTC