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xml to html Suresh Dussa (Friday, 31 March)

Document::createAttribute() Steve Dickson (Thursday, 30 March)

CSSStyleDeclaration interface Blaine Brodie (Wednesday, 29 March)

textarea.rows has no default value noted Jan Carpenter (Wednesday, 29 March)

DOM SDK Suresh Dussa (Wednesday, 29 March)

DOM Level 2: EventTargets and Nodes Steve Ball (Wednesday, 29 March)

DOM-2 CSSValue.CSS_INHERIT Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 28 March)

DOM-2 CSS2FontFaceSrc, CSS2FontFaceWidths, CSS2TextShadow Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 28 March)

DOM-2 CSSValue Extensions and CSSValue.CSS_CUSTOM Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 28 March)

DOM-2 ElementCSSInlineStyle Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 28 March)

DOM-2 ViewCSS.getComputedStyle Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 28 March)

DOM-2 CSSPrimitiveValue Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 28 March)

DOM-2 CSSValue.CSS_VALUE_LIST Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 28 March)

DOM-2 CSS Module Inclusion -- Conformance/Compliance Glenn Adams (Tuesday, 28 March)

DOM 0 Spec? DeDe Smith (Monday, 27 March)

CORE: Re Keith's setAttributeNS vs. setAttributeNodeNS keshlam@us.ibm.com (Friday, 24 March)

Proposed change in removeEventHandler semantics Raph Levien (Sunday, 19 March)

Error in Counter interface Blaine Brodie (Thursday, 23 March)

[Moderator Action] Re: style sheets John Cowan (Tuesday, 21 March)

IE OnSelect & OnSelectStart Events? Mattias Åkerlind (Tuesday, 21 March)

How can DOM possibly contain a document? Bernard Miller (Saturday, 18 March)

does #document mean "document" or "#document"? Adam Dingle (Friday, 17 March)

setAttributeNS vs. setAttributeNodeNS Keith W. Boone (Tuesday, 21 March)

How to ignore whitespaces Wachter Stefan (Monday, 20 March)

Event object Brian Caputo (Sunday, 19 March)

ANN: 4DOM 0.9.3 Uche Ogbuji (Friday, 17 March)

style sheets Dieter Köhler (Thursday, 16 March)

Announcement: XDOM 2 for Delphi Dieter Köhler (Thursday, 16 March)

Event handling Schlee Stefan (Thursday, 16 March)

removeAttribute Dieter Köhler (Wednesday, 15 March)

Copying a node from one doc to another Eric Richardson (Tuesday, 14 March)

namespace treatment, 2nd attempt Dieter Köhler (Thursday, 9 March)

Why not Node.insertAfter()? Eric Richardson (Wednesday, 8 March)

Extended: Call for Implementations, W3C Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Candidate Recommendation Janet Daly (Wednesday, 8 March)

[www-dom] <none> Robert Juergen (Tuesday, 7 March)

Element interface Dieter Köhler (Monday, 6 March)

NamedNodeMap Dieter Köhler (Saturday, 4 March)

Connectivity SEGLLC@aol.com (Saturday, 4 March)

Comments on DOM2 CR Keith W. Boone (Friday, 3 March)

Calling a DIV tag with Javascript.... Irene Meleski (Friday, 3 March)

Re: Namespace treatment keshlam@us.ibm.com (Friday, 3 March)

Adding Content to DOM Eric Richardson (Friday, 3 March)

HOWTO unsubscribing this list Philippe Le Hegaret (Friday, 3 March)

Re: How to remove yourself from this mailing list keshlam@us.ibm.com (Friday, 3 March)

remove JaNuX (Friday, 3 March)

World DOMination Paul Prescod (Friday, 3 March)

importNode Johannes Ewalt Koch (Thursday, 2 March)

Remove Yvonn Conger, Software Engineer (Wednesday, 1 March)

Interesting thought Pravin Goel (Tuesday, 29 February)

Namespace treatment, cloning and node.supports Dieter Köhler (Tuesday, 29 February)

Older Sibling? Thomas Ashe (Monday, 28 February)

Comment on Glossary entry - event bubbling Paul A. Scott (Saturday, 26 February)

Re: Comments on DOM 2 Dieter Köhler (Saturday, 26 February)

DOM2 Range: set(Start|End)(After|Before) and null parents L. David Baron (Saturday, 26 February)

Re: DOM level 2 StyleSheets : What means "binding-specific casting methods Blaine Brodie (Friday, 25 February)

Accessing multivalued attributes Wachter Stefan (Friday, 25 February)

TreeWalker.whatToShow Dieter Köhler (Wednesday, 23 February)

minor typos in CR-DOM-Level-2-19991210 Susan Lesch (Wednesday, 16 February)

WEBLETS (was Re: Novice Java Language Binding Question) srlewall@us.ibm.com (Friday, 11 February)

Re: Tenative meeting on the DOM with AT vendors for the User Agent Guidelines schwer@us.ibm.com (Friday, 11 February)

Re: Tenative meeting on the DOM with AT vendors for the User Agent Guidelines mark novak (Thursday, 10 February)

cloneNode() and insert into another document Robert Rangel (Wednesday, 9 February)

DOM Requirements for Level 1 and 2 updated Philippe Le Hegaret (Tuesday, 8 February)

Annotating HTML DOM tree with CSS* properties Chatragadda Sunil Kumar (Monday, 7 February)

Level 2 and moving towards PR Lauren Wood (Friday, 4 February)

[Fwd: Proposal for Event::timeStamp attribute] Philippe Le Hegaret (Friday, 4 February)

String output of XML documents Arnaud Dubesset (Thursday, 3 February)

Call for unified tree model Nils Klarlund (Wednesday, 2 February)

DOM FAQ Thomas Guettler (Wednesday, 2 February)

XML/HTML editors with a DOM based plugin API? Miles Sabin (Wednesday, 2 February)

Time in DOM 2 Events Patrick Schmitz (Saturday, 29 January)

About Encoding Ajune Liu (Saturday, 29 January)

unsubscribing from this list - instructions Lauren Wood (Friday, 28 January)

Call for unified tree model Nils Klarlund (Wednesday, 26 January)

DOM in <xsl:script> Muan Hong Ng (Wednesday, 26 January)

remove Gita Vij-Solanki (Friday, 28 January)

remove Chris Boorman (Meridian Partners Ltd.) (Thursday, 27 January)

Novice Java Language Binding Question John Duffy (Thursday, 27 January)

remove from the list Desai, Rajan (Wednesday, 26 January)

ANN: 4DOM 0.9.2 Uche Ogbuji (Wednesday, 26 January)

Fwd: Cancell SEGLLC@aol.com (Tuesday, 25 January)

Re: Another DOM Range comment Vidur Apparao (Monday, 24 January)

Re: Still some DOM Range comments Vidur Apparao (Monday, 24 January)

comments: DOM Level2 19991210 (long) Bill dehOra (Wednesday, 19 January)

RE: some confusion with the 'all' medium Bill dehOra (Wednesday, 19 January)

A new free DOM level 2 implementation Thierry Kormann (Monday, 17 January)

test1 Robert Silverman (Saturday, 15 January)

DOM2 implementation questions Raph Levien (Wednesday, 12 January)

Free Software Complying with Dom Level 2 Ajune Liu (Sunday, 9 January)

Dom level 2 jeroen@tcf.nl (Saturday, 8 January)

Comments on DOM2 (Core, HTML, CSS) L. David Baron (Thursday, 6 January)

Creating Japanese Document in memory H.Ozawa (Wednesday, 5 January)

ANN: 4DOM 0.9.1 Uche Ogbuji (Tuesday, 4 January)

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