RE: Older Sibling?

> I'm not sure where this discussion left off.

My take on this, which others may disagree with:

1) The request for isBefore/isAfter has been made before, by XSLT
implementors. Adding it might be a Good Thing, since in DOMs which do
optimize it the benefits could be very large.

2) getIndexOf strikes me as The Wrong Thing. Not powerful enough to be
really useful, and has the same problems as any other integer-indexed
access to the DOM -- that being that when the document is edited, stored
indices become incorrect and you're stuck with recalculation overhead.
Though I admit to being strongly biased against NodeLists to begin with.

Neither is currently on the Open Issues list for DOM Level 3. I suppose I
should add them.

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Tuesday, 29 February 2000 09:34:04 UTC