Re: DOM2 implementation questions

> What happens if there are two listeners A and B on a target, and A
> removes B? Is B guaranteed to be called?

Adding or removing a listener during processing of an event takes effect
after all existing listeners of the node dispatching that event have been
processed. This is true for all phases of dispatch.

> What if A and B are bubble listeners on two different ancestors of the
> target (B ancestor of A)?

In this case the change would be seen, because the node dispatching B has
not yet started processing the event.

> What is the difference between Attr::nodeValue and Attr::value?

Historical, for compatability with "DOM Level 0". No functional difference.
There are a few other redundancies in the DOM, for the same reason.

> Node::normalize
> What events are appropriate?

All events corresponding to the changes being made to the document. The
exact sequence of events is unspecified, since the exact sequence of
operations performed by the normalize operation is unspecified.

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Wednesday, 12 January 2000 08:50:14 UTC