> Can any one please suggest me where will I get the free DOM SDK?

_Which_ "free DOM SDK"?

If you mean the documentation, it can be downloaded from the W3C as part of
the DOM specification. Go to and select either DOM
Level 1 (the most recent Recommendation) or DOM Level 2 (the updated
version currently being finalized).

If you mean the official language bindings for Java and ECMAScript, those
are included in the documents. There are DOMs in other languages, but their
bindings have not yet been standardized by the W3C.

If you mean an actual runnable implementation of the DOM: There are many
available, in many programming languages. They're often packaged with other
XML tools -- typically parsers -- but some exist in stand-alone form as
well. Which one's right for you depends on your needs, since they may be
tailored for different purposes. Many (but probably not all!) of these are
listed at

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Wednesday, 29 March 2000 08:55:50 UTC