Re: Free Software Complying with Dom Level 2

Ajune Liu wrote:
> Could you please tell me whether there is some free software 
> complying with DOM Level 2 using Java, i.e. some classs and
> interface package compying with DOM?  If so, could you
> please tell me where I can get it? ... the "DOM2" implementation.
Conforms to the latest version of the spec ("CR") as best as I
can tell.  Supports quite a few of the optional modules. It's open
source; the distribution includes source, javadoc, and some examples.

I suggest you also grab the "utilities" package, so that you can
easily hook it up to your preferred SAX parser.  If you don't have
one, it includes a variety.  (Validating and non, a "DOM walker",
SAX2 wrapper around Swing's HTML parser, and SAX2 wrappers for some
other parsers.)

- Dave

Received on Saturday, 8 January 2000 23:48:01 UTC