Re: Comment on Glossary entry - event bubbling

>refers to event propagation as "percolation." I feel this word is
>just as descriptive and much more elegant than "bubbling."

Unfortunately, the dictionary suggests it's elegantly inapprorpriate.
Percolation derives from per-colare, "to strain through".  Specific

1. To cause (a liquid) to pass through interstices, as of a porous
substance; to filter.

2. Specif., to cause hot water to filter through (coffee) to extract its

3. To ooze through (some porous substance); to permeate.

And a percolator is "One that percolates; specif., a form of coffeepot in
which heated water filters repeatedly through the coffee." Again, note the
emphasis on filtration rather than on the bubble-driven pumping action.

So percolation is actually a better description of the capture phase than
the bubbling phase... the event is dispatched to the bottom, tossed up to
the top, and filters back down.

(Yes, this surprised me too.)

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Monday, 28 February 2000 11:45:29 UTC