RE: DOM-2 CSSValue Extensions and CSSValue.CSS_CUSTOM

I also agree it isn't a good idea to specify these as additional valueTypes. My original comment was just to add clarifying language that when these interfaces are used that the CSSValue base instance should use CSS_CUSTOM.

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Bill dehOra wrote:
> :"For this extension of the CSSValue interface, the valueType
> :attribute of the underlying CSSValue interface shall be CSS_CUSTOM."
> :
> :under the opening description of each of the following interfaces:
> :
> :CSS2Azimuth
> :CSS2BackgroundProperty
> :CSS2BorderSpacing
> :CSS2CounterReset
> :CSS2CounterIncrement
> :CSS2Cursor
> :CSS2PlayDuring
> :CSS2PageSize
> Maybe they should get their own type codes altogether? 

What do you mean ? By suppressing the CSS_CUSTOM type and adding them into
valueType space ? Then we will have to reserve somes codes for CSS3, SVG ...
I don't think it's a good idea to go in this direction for the CSS properties.


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