Re: DOM-2 CSSValue Extensions and CSSValue.CSS_CUSTOM

Bill dehOra wrote:
> :"For this extension of the CSSValue interface, the valueType
> :attribute of the underlying CSSValue interface shall be CSS_CUSTOM."
> :
> :under the opening description of each of the following interfaces:
> :
> :CSS2Azimuth
> :CSS2BackgroundProperty
> :CSS2BorderSpacing
> :CSS2CounterReset
> :CSS2CounterIncrement
> :CSS2Cursor
> :CSS2PlayDuring
> :CSS2PageSize
> Maybe they should get their own type codes altogether? 

What do you mean ? By suppressing the CSS_CUSTOM type and adding them into
valueType space ? Then we will have to reserve somes codes for CSS3, SVG ...
I don't think it's a good idea to go in this direction for the CSS properties.


Received on Thursday, 30 March 2000 14:44:39 UTC