Comment on Glossary entry - event bubbling

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   event propagation, also known as event bubbling

   "This is the idea that an event can affect one object
    and a set of related objects. Any of the potentially
    affected objects can block the event or substitute a
    different one (upward event propagation).  The event
    is broadcast from the node at which it originates to
    every parent node."

The term "bubbling" is somewhat sophomoric. I realize that the term is too
engrained in common usage to be removed, but might I suggest another term.
The IBM documentation for their ESTAE macro, an error trapping mechanism,
refers to event propagation as "percolation." I feel this word is just as
descriptive and much more elegant than "bubbling."

Therefore, I humbly request that "percolation" be added to the title line.
For example:

   event propagation, also known as event bubbling, or percolation

At worst it will simply not be adopted by anyone; at the least it will add
context for those familiar with the term; and at best it will provide a
richer choice of terminology.


Paul A. Scott

Received on Monday, 28 February 2000 09:29:48 UTC