Re: Comments on DOM 2

> DOM doesn't actually facilitate sharing DOM data structures anywhere.
> You can return DOM nodes that proxy to shared non-DOM objects, and some
> folk do.  The problem is that each node has a unique owner (can't share
> between documents) and parent or "associated element" (so can't share
> within one document) node.

Shared data structures for external DTDs are exactly what I demand. 
Therefore I wrote, that factory methods for externalDTD nodes should
be placed in the DOM implementation interface, which keeps track of
them.  These external DTDs must not be part of a document tree (hereby
I mean a tree for the whole XML document including the internal DTD),
but there must be nodes in the document tree (to be more exactly:
ExternalDoctypeDeclaration nodes) that point to the external DTD nodes
of the DOM implementation interface.

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Received on Wednesday, 1 March 2000 17:35:25 UTC