Re: Older Sibling? wrote:
> >There're several other queries like this which could usefully
> >be added and which might allow for similar optimizations:
> >precedes in document order; is an ancestor of; least common
> >ancestor; depth from root etc.
> Just a coding tip:
> If an optimized operation isn't supported directly in the DOM, consider
> writing a library routine to encapsulte it. This could use custom calls
> against DOM implementations that provide shortcuts, but fall back on
> standard DOM operations for those which don't have such features.

Or -- if the implementation supported the optional "we've got
these graph-structure primitives" feature, it could use them
without needing custom calls. 

L2 _is_ going to be very clear about how folk other than W3C
can define new feature identifiers to pass to Node.hasFeature()
isn't it?  

- Dave

Received on Wednesday, 1 March 2000 14:10:54 UTC