Comments on DOM2 (Core, HTML, CSS)

Here are some comments on the current DOM2 CR [1].  I refer to the
issues mentioned in [2] by issue number.

Level 2 Core

Text::splitText() - The "Return Value" section should probably say
"The new node." instead of "The new Text node.", considering the
addition of the comment that the new node is of the same nodeType.

Level 2 HTML

Issue HTML-3 doesn't seem to be mentioned in the spec.  I think it
should be.  It isn't obvious, especially for certain number values
(HTMLSelectElement::size, etc.).

Issue HTML-6 doesn't seem to be resolved as stated in [2].

HTMLTextAreaElement::defaultValue - (from issue HTML-7) - Should this
say explicitly that changing defaultValue *does* change the contents of
the element?  That's what the comment that HTMLTextAreaElement::value
doesn't do so makes me think.

HTMLTableCellElement::cellIndex - (from issue HTML-8) - this doesn't
seem to be clarified as mentioned in issue HTML-8 [2].

All methods mentioned in issue HTML-9 - shouldn't they also throw
INDEX_SIZE_ERR if index is negative?

Level 2 CSS

My concern about issue CSS-2 is that it makes it impossible to build a
compliant CSS implementation using only the CSSOM data structures for
stylesheet storage.  Maybe the CSS WG would care about that?

I still disagree on issue CSS-3, but there's no point saying the same
thing over again.  All I can say is that the third sentence of the
response in [2] doesn't follow from the quote in the second.



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