Re: Comments on DOM 2 wrote:
> >The cleanest solution is be to have the Document delegate some other
> >object (in this case, DocumentType) as the "real" factory.
> That fails in precisely the case you were citing -- if there are other
> nodes that you want to create before you see the DocumentType, they'll be
> created via the wrong factory.
> In some cases that might be OK. In others...

I'd not call that a "failure", but you could argue that point
if you felt like it.

Comments aren't there for program use, shouldn't be customized.
It'd be like designing hubcaps to make sure they work as shovels;
sure you can sometimes do it in a pinch, but don't rely on it.

As for PIs ... they're either built in to the application (e.g.
ones marking an editor cursor) or levarage the NOTATION mechanism
half-suggested for that purpose, and so must appear after the DTD.

Ergo, no failures involved.

- Dave

Received on Wednesday, 1 March 2000 16:09:20 UTC