Re: DOM-2 CSS2FontFaceSrc, CSS2FontFaceWidths, CSS2TextShadow

Glenn Adams wrote:
> "The following table specifies the type of CSSValue used to represent each
> descriptor that can be specified in a CSSStyleDeclaration found in a
> CSSFontFaceRule for a CSS Level 2 style sheet."
> In this table, the entries for "src", and "width" specify "list of
> CSS2FontFaceSrc" and "list of CSS2FontFaceWidths", respectively. However,
> neither CSS2FontFaceSrc nor CSS2FontFaceWidths are derived from CSSValue (and
> thus are not candidates for valueType CSS_CUSTOM), nor are they covered by a
> CSSPrimitiveValue.
> My question then is how are CSS2FontFaceSrce or CSS2FontFaceWidths to be
> interpreted as a "type of CSSValue"?
> A similar question holds for CSS2TextShadow which also does not derive from
> CSSValue yet is shown in the larger table at the beginning of section 5.3 as
> being used in a "list of CSSTextShadow" for the "text-shadow" property.

Good catch! I think we were confused with the list and the fact that you can't
obtain an instance of these interfaces from getPropertyCSSValue. Of course,
it's a list of CSSValue.


Received on Thursday, 30 March 2000 12:33:13 UTC