RE: DOM-2 CSS2FontFaceSrc, CSS2FontFaceWidths, CSS2TextShadow

It is not so simple as implying that there is some templatized method on CSSPrimitiveValue of the order get<SomeRandomType>(). Either CSSPrimitiveValue will have to provide new primitive type constants and accessors or it can't be used.

I see this as one of two substantive technical problems which I raised yesterday (the other being CSS_INHERIT). I believe the problem discussed by this message is the more serious of the two.


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Subject: RE: DOM-2 CSS2FontFaceSrc, CSS2FontFaceWidths, CSS2TextShadow

:In Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Specification, Version 
:1.0, W3C Candidate Recommendation 07 March, 2000, under 
:Section 5.3 CSS Extended Interfaces, just prior to the 
:description of Interface CSS2FontFaceSrc appears a table whose 
:descriptions states:
:"The following table specifies the type of CSSValue used to 
:represent each descriptor that can be specified in a 
:CSSStyleDeclaration found in a CSSFontFaceRule for a CSS Level 
:2 style sheet."
:In this table, the entries for "src", and "width" specify 
:"list of CSS2FontFaceSrc" and "list of CSS2FontFaceWidths", 
:respectively. However, neither CSS2FontFaceSrc nor 
:CSS2FontFaceWidths are derived from CSSValue (and thus are not 
:candidates for valueType CSS_CUSTOM), nor are they covered by 
:a CSSPrimitiveValue.
:My question then is how are CSS2FontFaceSrce or 
:CSS2FontFaceWidths to be interpreted as a "type of CSSValue"?
:A similar question holds for CSS2TextShadow which also does 
:not derive from CSSValue yet is shown in the larger table at 
:the beginning of section 5.3 as being used in a "list of 
:CSSTextShadow" for the "text-shadow" property.

I imagine that this would be implementation specific, but would probably
follow the idiom used for counter rect and rgb types. That is, embed the
types in a CSSPrimitiveValue and use a getXX() call which throws an
exception if the embbeded type XX is not the case.


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