DOM2 implementation questions

I'm currently trying to implement a significant subset of DOM2 in
Gdome, and have run across a number of questions. Here's my current


Is there a reasonable DOM2 implementation I can use as a reference?
Ideally, it would contain all of DOM2 core plus events and css.


What happens if there are two listeners A and B on a target, and A
removes B? Is B guaranteed to be called?

What if A and B are bubble listeners on an an ancestor of the target?

What if A and B are bubble listeners on two different ancestors of the
target (B ancestor of A)?


What is the difference between Attr::nodeValue and Attr::value?


What events are appropriate? Deletion of additional Text nodes
followed by mutation of the first Text node? (this is what I percieve
to be the reverse of Text::splitText).

   Any help on these would be appreciated. Sorry if they're a FAQ.


Received on Wednesday, 12 January 2000 03:32:41 UTC