Re: Namespace treatment, cloning and node.supports

What does one do with uri-values outside of the NCName value domain? 

Dieter Köhler wrote:
> > ...
> > There are folks who want to generate
> > a DOM with only localnames and URIs, and assign prefixes as necessary
> > during serialization. If we didn't allow qualified names to collide, they
> > couldn't do so.
> Nevertheless we should be more aware of XML-wellformedness, since
> namespaces are semantic sugar on XML.  Your folks can do their
> serialization by first using the URI as the prefix and then replacing
> the prefix by a shorter version (Delphi example):
> element.setAttributeNS('thisIsOurVeryVeryLongURI',
>                        'thisIsOurVeryVeryLongURI:a',
>                        'value');

Received on Thursday, 2 March 2000 05:45:58 UTC