Re: style sheets

One addition to my last posting:  The current spec provides no
information, how to add a DocumentType node created by the
DOMImplementation to a Document node: The ownerDocument attribute of a
new DocumentType has the value 'null'.  The methods for adding nodes
to a node raise a "WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR" if the node to be added "was
created from a different document than the one that created this
node".  So what should be done if one tries to add a node not created
by any document at all?  Raise a "WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR"?  --  The
ownerDocument definition on p. 43 seems to presuppose, that the node
should be added and change its ownerDocument attribute.  If that is
right, then it would be good to mention it in the definitions of the
methods it affects.

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