Creating Japanese Document in memory

Hi all,
I'm currently having great difficulty creating Japanese XML document in
Problem arises because most parsers do not treat 'encoding' attribute as
part of the <?xml?>.
As a concrete example:
1. MS' s parser
    I can't loadXML document containing Japanese tag names. I'm also
unable to specify encoding in the document
    because the document isn't loaded yet.
2. Oracle's parser
    After createDocument(), I can't immediately issue setEncoding()
method. I have to issue the method after creating
    a dummy node. Encoding is necessary to load Japanese XML documents
but encoding can not be specified on a null

It would be nice if all attributes of processing instructions are
REQUIRED to be treated as part of a PI node itself.
Thus, to change document encoding, I would only have to change
setEncoding() method parameter instead of adding new procedures.


Received on Tuesday, 4 January 2000 20:40:45 UTC