Re: Namespace treatment, cloning and node.supports

>? Or could it be that the DOM constrains one to always manage consistent
>namespace nodes simultaneous with tree mutations? please tell me it
>isn't so.

The DOM is always internally consistant, since each node carries its own
namespace URI. It may or may not contain all the namespace declaration
attributes in the right places, or have the prefixes matched up properly if
those declarations do exist.

The DOM is being allowed to depart from canonical form, just a bit, in part
because we were concerned that continuously enforcing those restrictions
could impose a significant amount of overhead. But it should contain all
the data needed to allow us to reconcile those departures.

If you think about this as a namespace_normalize() operation, it may make
more sense.  In Level 2, that normalization task is left as an exercise for
the reader, but Level 3 is expected to provide a standardized version.

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Friday, 3 March 2000 09:21:23 UTC