Re: Older Sibling?

>Furthermore, if the element is part of an entity, then no single index
>will work, as the element node may be in the tree in multiple places.

This gets into questions of whether multiple copies of an entity share the
same nodes or not... and how the user can tell. I'm not sure that the DOM
makes any promises either way. Some of the open questions about how parsed
entities and namespaces interact make that sharing less likely than it once

Reminder, since we're on the topic: node identity does not require object
identity. In some DOM bindings, asking whether it's the same object is not
the right test. One of the outstanding issues is the possibility of adding
a Node.isSameNode(Node) test, which would work in all bindings.

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Monday, 28 February 2000 19:26:05 UTC