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1.0 - Excellent! (A few minor buglets)

[Announcement] Amaya 1.0a Beta public release



Amaya 1.0 beta Linux-elf

Amaya 1.0a Beta public release SUN4

Amaya 1.0a Beta public release SUN4 (with java)

Amaya 1.0a on Linux

Amaya and HP-UX

Amaya and server side includes directives

Amaya and socks?

amaya and thot up and running on FreeBSD-3.0

Amaya doesn't use TCP/IP on IRIX

Amaya on Alpha....

Amaya on WWW6

Amaya release 1.0b

amaya segfaults on some jpgs, chokes on reloads, and other bugs

background blending

Blank Page with http-URL

Bug: Amaya 1.0 deletes border=0 from <IMG>

Can't execute Java amaya on Solaris 2.5.1

Compilation error.

Default font size & read-only mode

Do Plugins work in amaya?

Error making mkdep on Ultrix 4.5

experiments with Amaya, with some comments and bug reports.

Floating point exception in LINUX_ELF 0.95

FreeBSD Startup Problem

Home Page?

How to use Amaya in Java?

HTMLstyle.c compilation error

Installation problem (linux-ELF)

Java-Amaya and proxies/cache

layoud bugs

Layout peculiarities

Missing files in the latest Amaya distribution

Missing spaces

mklinux version of 1.x?

more coments on using Amaya (some having to deal with jigedit.

Netscape 4b4 terminates when loading www.w3.org!

No way to input "S" in amaya1.0b SUN4 (java/non-java)

Parameters in <img src> interpreted as entities

porting to Ultrix 4.4 (1.0a Beta)

porting to Ultrix4.4

Possible bug in parsing of end tags

Problems with Netscape and missing </td> tags.

Small niggles with Amaya 1.0b

some thoughts....

Success porting amaya to FreeBSD

use of libwww-5.0

XFree 3.2 and keystrokes

XFree keyboard problem solved

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