Re: Small niggles with Amaya 1.0b

Nick Holloway wrote

> When a page with a table is saved, there are spurious <tbody> tags
> inserted.  The following shows the transformation produced by Amaya.
>     From: <table><tr><td>A</td></tr></table>
>     To:   <table><tbody><tr><td>A</td></tr></tbody></table>

These "spurious" tags are defined in the Cougar DTD. They allow a table
to have several bodies (sets of rows). It's probably a mistake to
insert these tags when the header claims that version 3.2 of HTML is used.
We plan to release the next version of Amaya with more Cougar features,
but with a Cougar header. These tags will then be allowed.

> Another aspect is that Amaya and Weblint disagree as to what should be
> done with the '>' character in a <pre> block.  This is the transformation
> that Amaya performs:
>     From: <pre>&lt;OO&gt;</pre>
>     To:   <pre>&lt;OO></pre>
> However, Weblint claims:
>     you should use '&gt;' in place of '>', even in a PRE element.
> Who is right?

Both > and &gt; are fine for #PCDATA in HTML.  In other words, the
HTML DTD does not require that > be coded as &gt; But Amaya should
probably keep the file unchanged.


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