Amaya on Alpha....

I just installed the binary distribution on my Alpha.  Seems
to run. 

A few immediate comments; the default fonts I am getting aren't very readable,
and are quite small.  (I have a 1280x1024 screen e.g 100DPI).  How can I tune this?
Could they be better out of the box?

The installation direction do not mention adding the font library to the
font path; and I see that amaya added the directory automagically itself
(applause; I wish more applications did this themselves when they had
fonts they depended on).
You should probably note in the installation directions that messing
with the font path isn't needed, as most people who see a font directory
when installing X software tend to presume it needs to be added themselves.

Also, the archive for www-amaya-developers hasn't changed since 09 April.
I suspect there has been traffic since...?...

For my next exploration, I'll try to edit the HTTP/1.1 issues list
(mostly several large tables).  Should be interesting...  It has certainly
given Netscape Gold some heart burn in the past....
				- Jim Gettys

Received on Thursday, 22 May 1997 19:07:26 UTC