Re: use of libwww-5.0

Daniel Veillard wrote:

>   This new version is twofold :
>     - it can be conpiled with libWWW as usual. This is the
>       estimated "stable" release.
>     - it can be compiled with the Kaffe Java interpreter on
>       a subset of the platforms (Linux, solaris, sunOs, linux-sparc)
>       and then uses the Jigsaw client HTTP classes for network
>       accesses. This provides a supported HTTP/1.1 network stack,
>       and the long awaited user cache.
> The new Amaya-Java also provides an easy way to extend or cusomize
> Amaya without requiring a recompilation of the C source code. This
> helps a lot especially for those without Motif libraries. Most ot the
> Thot API is available from the Java language, providing means for
> "enhanced developements".

Fantastic work! My hat is off to Daniel and the rest of the Amaya
team. Three virtual cheers. Standing O.

> I will present this work at the WWW6 conference next week during the
> Developer's Day.

I look forward to it. FYI, the address for information abou that
talk is:

which is linked from the W3C @ WWW6 page:

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