Re: Amaya 1.0a on Linux

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> Hi!
> I've downloaded the file amaya-java-LINUX-ELF-1.0a.tar.gz and instaled
> it! But i can't access any adress via http protocol, the status bar say:
> contacting (some time) finished! and the browser is empty! If I try to
> access a file on my computer all is OK!

There is a known bug in this java version. To solve your problem you have to:
a) use the latest version amaya-LINUX-ELF-1.0b.tar.gz

b) create temporary directories
   $HOME/.amaya/1,  $HOME/.amaya/2, ...,  $HOME/.amaya/6

c) I suggest you also suppress the cache functionality by editing the file 

> After this I've downloaded amaya-1.0b.src.tar.gz and
> thot-2.1b.src.tar.gz. After the compiling with and without java support,
> the browser appears with the objects on the wrong positions, with the
> wrong sizes (and I can't access any file via network).

I'm surprised you have this kind of problem. I suggest you remove the file
Thot/amaya/HTML*.STR and restart the compiling process.


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