Java-Amaya and proxies/cache

>I have another problem with the kaffe-java-version of
>Amaya. It doesn't seem to know how to use proxies.
>The non-javaversion however do handle proxies allright.
>I am very dependant on a working proxyversion, because
>I am surfing behind a firewall. 

  Jigsaw Java classes provides proxy support. Edit the file located in Thot/config directory.
Add the three lines accordingly to your local setup :

; To set up a proxy

This should redirect all HTTP accesses to your proxy, at least
it works fine here. If your proxy is also a cache you can
reduce or eliminate the local cache by editing the ~/.thotrc
in the [amaya] section :


disable the local cache . Setting 


allows to move the cache to another location and/or change the size.
One can also debug all the HTTP transactions done by the Jigsaw
classes by setting :


You just need to restart amaya for the changes to take effect.

   hope this help,


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