Re: more coments on using Amaya (some having to deal with jigedit.

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> The menu text vanising problem only occurs on amaya; it does not affect 
> other applications.  Seems to happen often on alpha; you've probably got
> a latent bug somewhere that only shows up there.

Yes, it's possible.
Could you give us the scenario that deals with the vanishing problem ?
What menu is vanishing ? All menus ? Is the menu unreadable or undisplayed ?

> I still say that it would be nice if text were selected and a target
> defined, that text would be used as the target name at that point.

It's done in the next release 1.1.

> When I figure out how to reliably generate core files, I'll let you know;
> won't be using amaya again until next week at best.
> 			- Jim

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