Amaya and server side includes directives

	I just installed Amaya and set up my server to authorise the PUT 
command for authoring. It works great except one thing but I see no 
real solution to that.

	My server is configured to handle all .html files as .shtml for Server 
Side Includes. When I take a page to edit it and then I put it again 
through the PUT method, the server side is lost. At the same place, the 
text corresponding to the include directive is present.

	I perfectly understand why this text is present but is there a way to 
change this ? I see nothing in the various documentation I read. I 
can't imagine that I am the only guy trying to do this. I absolutely 
want the include directive to be present and not the text.

	Any hint or tip will be welcome

	So, thanks in advance for your help.

Jean Michel AUGUSTO

Received on Tuesday, 24 June 1997 16:10:42 UTC