Re: experiments with Amaya, with some comments and bug reports.


Thanks for your comments.
We will take your suggestions into account for the next release.
Here are some advices for centering text and editing tables.

> o I can't figure out from the UI how to center some text (in this case,
>   a <h3></h3>

You can do that in two different ways, using a CSS1 rule or an HTML attribute:

  - CSS1: select the element you want to center
          choose Format in the Style menu: you get a dialog box.
          in the first menu (Align) of this dialog box, click on the 3rd item.
          A style attribute is associated with the element (see the Structure

  - HTML 3.2: select the element (you must select an element that accepts
	  the align attribute. The Esc key may be useful).
          choose align in the Attribute menu.
	  choose center in the align menu and click Apply.
	  An align attribute is associated with the element.

> o the table layout is pretty hopeless....  I've looked at the HTML
> (not that I'm a table wizard), and don't see anything wrong, but
> amaya is squishing a number of columns; I get the same behavior on
> my alpha and on a Sun using my Alpha for its display.
> The behavior is so wrong I'll have to use some other editor.  

Table formatting is far from perfect in the current implementation of Amaya.
Agreed.  But you can help Amaya by specifying the width of some columns.
Just select the first cell of each column (element TD or TH) and select
width from the Attributes menu. Then enter the width to be assigned to that
column. An integer represents a width in pixels; an integer followed by the
character '%' represents the relative width (percentage) of this column with
respect to the table width.

I hope it helps.


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