Re: XFree keyboard problem solved


Congratulations and thanks for the information.

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> One more nuisance remains, however. Moving from Metro-X to XFree caused the
> redraw functions of Amaya to slow down considerably, i.e. when a page is loaded
> (or the window is re-exposed), Amaya spends good 30 seconds sorting out the
> images on the page. I doubt XFree would be so much slower than Metro-X - the
> difference is mainly unnoticeable in other applications.
> Any suggestions on improving performance?

I suspect an event management problem. Could you trace them ?

> PS. When can I expect Amaya to start supporting more Cougar features, e.g. <A
> TARGET>, onMouseOver etc? (On editing level, that is -- I do not care about
> correct displaying that much.)

We are working on Cougar features. Please wait the next release (July or 

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