Re: more coments on using Amaya (some having to deal with jigedit.

Some quick answers to your problems with Amaya.

> o How do I get rid of the following that Amaya added the following unsolicited to head?  Netscape shows this junk in the screen, rather than ignoring it?
> 	<style>
> 	A:link { color : #0000FF }
> 	A:visited { color : #7F007F }
> 	</style>

This is sort of echo of the link and vlink attributes of the BODY element.
You can remove these attributes from the BODY element, as they simply
specify colors that are very close to the default ones. Then, the style
element will not be generated by amaya.

You can also use a CSS enabled browser that will understand the style tag.

> o I would have thought that editing the Title in the dialog box up
> top would edit the document title; it doesn't...

It does, but you have to press Return (or Enter) with the cursor in this
dialog box.

Your other comments need that we fix some bugs.


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