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On 23-Jun-97 Irene VATTON wrote:

[keyboard problem disected]

>Did you see the Sami Lempinen's message concerning  key mapping
>with XFree on Linux:
>His message can be reached at
>I'm not sure you meet the same problem, but his message can help.
>  Irene.

My problem had to do with Amaya obeying the XFree keymapping rather slavishly
(as it probably should), which meant that CTRL-keypresses produced additional
characters such as cent sign etc.

I'm tossing in my modified xmodmap, which I edited by removing the definitions
from the third column for each key a-z. I hope it helps.

Naturally, you'll have to adapt my Viking keyboard layout to your
Frog^H^H^H^HFrench one ;-)

Best regards,


! This is an `xmodmap' input file for 
!   PC 102 key keyboard #1 (Linux/XFree86 Swedish/Finnish layout) keyboards.
! Automatically generated on Sat May 24 14:45:03 1997 by ssl with
! XKeyCaps 2.35; Copyright (c) 1997 Jamie Zawinski <>.

keycode 0x09 =  Escape
keycode 0x43 =  F1
keycode 0x44 =  F2
keycode 0x45 =  F3
keycode 0x46 =  F4
keycode 0x47 =  F5
keycode 0x48 =  F6
keycode 0x49 =  F7
keycode 0x4A =  F8
keycode 0x4B =  F9
keycode 0x4C =  F10
keycode 0x5F =  F11
keycode 0x60 =  F12
keycode 0x6F =  Print           Execute
keycode 0x4E =  Scroll_Lock
keycode 0x6E =  Pause           Break
keycode 0x31 =  section         onehalf         notsign
keycode 0x0A =  1               exclam          onesuperior     exclamdown
keycode 0x0B =  2               quotedbl        at              oneeighth
keycode 0x0C =  3               numbersign      sterling        sterling
keycode 0x0D =  4               currency        dollar          dollar
keycode 0x0E =  5               percent         onehalf         threeeighths
keycode 0x0F =  6               ampersand       threequarters   fiveeighths
keycode 0x10 =  7               slash           braceleft       seveneighths
keycode 0x11 =  8               parenleft       bracketleft     trademark
keycode 0x12 =  9               parenright      bracketright    plusminus
keycode 0x13 =  0               equal           braceright      degree
keycode 0x14 =  plus            question        backslash       questiondown
keycode 0x15 =  acute           grave           dead_cedilla    dead_ogonek
keycode 0x16 =  BackSpace
keycode 0x6A =  Insert
keycode 0x61 =  Home
keycode 0x63 =  Prior
keycode 0x4D =  Num_Lock        Pointer_EnableKeys
keycode 0x70 =  KP_Divide
keycode 0x3F =  KP_Multiply
keycode 0x52 =  KP_Subtract
keycode 0x17 =  Tab             ISO_Left_Tab
keycode 0x18 =  q               Q
keycode 0x19 =  w               W
keycode 0x1A =  e               E
keycode 0x1B =  r               R
keycode 0x1C =  t               T
keycode 0x1D =  y               Y
keycode 0x1E =  u               U
keycode 0x1F =  i               I
keycode 0x20 =  o               O
keycode 0x21 =  p               P
!I removed the definitions for the a-z keys in  ^^^^^^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^^^
!these columns - Sami
keycode 0x22 =  aring           Aring           dead_diaeresis  dead_abovering
keycode 0x23 =  diaeresis       asciicircum     asciitilde      dead_macron
keycode 0x24 =  Return
keycode 0x6B =  Delete
keycode 0x67 =  End
keycode 0x69 =  Next
keycode 0x4F =  KP_Home         KP_7
keycode 0x50 =  KP_Up           KP_8
keycode 0x51 =  KP_Prior        KP_9
keycode 0x56 =  KP_Add
keycode 0x42 =  Caps_Lock
keycode 0x26 =  a               A               
keycode 0x27 =  s               S       
keycode 0x28 =  d               D
keycode 0x29 =  f               F
keycode 0x2A =  g               G
keycode 0x2B =  h               H
keycode 0x2C =  j               J
keycode 0x2D =  k               K
keycode 0x2E =  l               L
keycode 0x2F =  odiaeresis      Odiaeresis      dead_acute      dead_doubleacute
keycode 0x30 =  adiaeresis      Adiaeresis      dead_circumflex dead_caron
keycode 0x33 =  apostrophe      asterisk        dead_grave      dead_breve
keycode 0x53 =  KP_Left         KP_4
keycode 0x54 =  KP_Begin        KP_5
keycode 0x55 =  KP_Right        KP_6
keycode 0x32 =  Shift_L
keycode 0x5E =  less            greater         bar             brokenbar
keycode 0x34 =  z               Z               
keycode 0x35 =  x               X       
keycode 0x36 =  c               C       
keycode 0x37 =  v               V
keycode 0x38 =  b               B
keycode 0x39 =  n               N
keycode 0x3A =  m               M               mu              masculine
keycode 0x3B =  comma           semicolon       horizconnector  multiply
keycode 0x3C =  period          colon           periodcentered  division
keycode 0x3D =  minus           underscore      dead_belowdot   dead_abovedot
keycode 0x3E =  Shift_R
keycode 0x62 =  Up
keycode 0x57 =  KP_End          KP_1
keycode 0x58 =  KP_Down         KP_2
keycode 0x59 =  KP_Next         KP_3
keycode 0x6C =  KP_Enter
keycode 0x25 =  Control_L
keycode 0x40 =  Alt_L           Meta_L
keycode 0x41 =  space
keycode 0x71 =  Mode_switch     Multi_key
keycode 0x6D =  Control_R
keycode 0x64 =  Left
keycode 0x68 =  Down
keycode 0x66 =  Right
keycode 0x5A =  KP_Insert       KP_0
keycode 0x5B =  KP_Delete       KP_Separator

clear Shift
clear Lock
clear Control
clear Mod1
clear Mod2
clear Mod3
clear Mod4
clear Mod5

add    Shift   = Shift_L Shift_R
add    Lock    = Caps_Lock
add    Control = Control_L Control_R
add    Mod1    = Alt_L
add    Mod2    = Num_Lock
add    Mod3    = Mode_switch
add    Mod5    = Scroll_Lock
Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


Received on Monday, 23 June 1997 21:28:45 UTC