Re: mklinux version of 1.x?

>Does anyone have any plans to complie Amaya 1.x for MkLinux?

  I tried, and failed so far ...

>(I don't have the Motif libraries and I'm assuming I'd have to have them in
>order to compile Amaya. If my assumption is incorrect I'd appreciate hearing
>that it is.)

  the problem is not with amaya code, I have recompiled Motif 2.0
for Linux-PPC, everything seems to work fine, but as soon as I open
a Motif based dialogue Amaya crashed within a second. Le stack trace
seems to imply that the crash is located in the libX11 code called by
Motif. And debugging the whole thing with a PPC 601 is kinda slow ...
Worse, it seems that the crash is not directly related to the window
creation and drawing but rather to a callback some time later (the
code providing a blinking caret ?).

  If you accept to spend some time on porting Amaya, my best bet
would be to try to solve the problems left with running Amaya with
the Lesstif clone (sorry, Nick but Lesstif is the only alternative
to OSF Motif on non-corporate platforms). They did a lot of progress
lately and compiling Amaya is fine. However, at runtime there is a
lot of geometry problems wich maybe solved in probably a few days of
work (Patches are welcome :-)) ... This way yo could ensure that
Amaya release will be available on a regular basis on MkLinux.


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Received on Friday, 27 June 1997 09:24:29 UTC