Re: Layout peculiarities

Décade I, Nonidi de Prairial de l'Année 205 de la Révolution

Vincent QUINT <> writes:
>Florian Hars wrote:
>> <style type="text/css">
>>   A {font-size: 200%; color: yellow}
>> <h2>Name anchors in <a name=foo>green</a> [...]

>CSS1 does not allow you to use the name attribute as a selector in style
>rules. As a consequence you cannot control the color of anchor elements
>having a name attribute.

Why does this apply to the color, but not to the font-size?
Why is the anchor element rendered in large green letters?
This seems inconsistent to me.

>This is a design decision that can be discussed. In Amaya we have put the
>emphasis on the editing functionality. (refer to
> The space within empty
>elements allows you to be aware that there is an element that may need to
>be completed or deleted

This is a reasonable and vaild argument. (Well, I wanted the elements
to be invisible. This is why I choose empty tags, non-empty anchors
are so terribly greeen...)  But one could get philosophical about this

>Empty paragraphs insert additional space. Empty anchors also insert additional
>space. Should we format empty elements in different ways, depending on their

Paragraphs allways insert vertical space. Non-empty Anchors never
insert anything but their content.  Should anchor tags be rendered
differently, depending on their content? :-)

But what is the additional vertical space introduced before a line in
a list containing an empty name tag and the additional linebreak, if
the empty name tag is the first element after a <li>-element, good for?

for x in 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900; do
for y in 0 100 200 300 400 500 600; do xeyes -geometry 100x100+$x+$y &
done; done

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