XFree keyboard problem solved



An apt reader may recall a message I send earlier concerning the problems with
using Amaya together with XFree86 3.2. Well, to my own astonishment, I managed
to solve the problem.

The default key mapping I received with my Red Hat Linux 4.1 (and the XFree
therein) had keycodes mapped to keysym3 of many alphabetical keys
(CTRL+<key>). E.g. CTRL+C produced a cent symbol etc.

Using the rather excellent xkeycaps I managed to isolate the offending keysyms
and consequently produce an xmodmap which maps alphabetical keys + CTRL with
'No Symbol'. And all is cool with Amaya & Thot again, phew.

The problem here seemed to be that Amaya and Thot were in fact the only
applications I came across that honoured the original mapping, causing them to
behave differently from other applications. I guess the kudos goes to the Thot
team about this - I reckon Thot does the right thing.

One more nuisance remains, however. Moving from Metro-X to XFree caused the
redraw functions of Amaya to slow down considerably, i.e. when a page is loaded
(or the window is re-exposed), Amaya spends good 30 seconds sorting out the
images on the page. I doubt XFree would be so much slower than Metro-X - the
difference is mainly unnoticeable in other applications.

Any suggestions on improving performance?



PS. When can I expect Amaya to start supporting more Cougar features, e.g. <A
TARGET>, onMouseOver etc? (On editing level, that is -- I do not care about
correct displaying that much.)
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