Re: Do Plugins work in amaya?

Thank you now that explains every thing that I need to know in order to
support plugins .

It appears that the plugin interface seems to work on FreeBSD 3.0
with very minor change to the pluging library . Specifically,
our dlsym interface requires us to prefix the symbol to be loaded
by "_". 

For example:
  ptr_NPP_Initialize = (int (*) ()) dlsym (pluginTable [indexHandler]->pluginH
andle, "_NPP_Initialize");

Browsing around the web , I found this HTML format for invoking plugins:
 <embed src="calculator.tcl" boarder=1 width=310 height=510>
I got it from :
Which was pointed by suns' cool tcl applet of the week.

Amaya doesn't recognize the html tag: <embed> 
Not sure if this is a valid html tag or not.

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From The Desk Of Ramzi GUETARI :
> I wonder if I well understood your question and I hope
> my answer will satisfy you.
> Images are recognized with respect to IMG tag in html files.
> The second step consists to determine the right type of a 
> given image: gif, jpeg, ... This is done by the function
> Match_Format.
> In the plug-ins case, they are recognized the OBJECT element
> in HTML files. Then, with respect to the mime type of the plug-in 
> an instance is created and the data file (DATA element in the
> html file) is passed to the plug-in as a stream. How does the
> plug-in behave and how does it treat the stream is the business
> of the plug-in. The task of Amaya stops after creating the
> instance and passing the stream to it (except other communications
> required by the plug-in).
> Ramzi. 
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> >Cool, your explanation helps!
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> >Got another question, How does amaya determine what a picture is?
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