Default font size & read-only mode

	Sorry...  I read the archives, so I know this is a FAQ around
here and you've already answered this question many times...  But it's
not working for some reason.  You know the problem- the default font is
way too small here. I've tried putting the following in to ~/.amaya.css,
in varying combinations, but nothing seems to work...

BODY { font-size: 18pt;
       MAGNIFICATION : 1 }
P { font-size: 18pt }

	Once the document is open, I can go in to the Style/Style Sheets
dialog and import the styles from .amaya.css, but that only sticks for
the current page...  It doesn't seem to be applying .amaya.css to all
(any) pages by default. 

	Oh yeah, I'm using amaya-LINUX-ELF-1.0a.tar.gz...

	Also, is there any way to lock Amaya in to a read-only browse
mode?  It's annoying to have Amaya pop open a seperate window for the
next document because you've accidently banged on a few keys in the
current one, which you never really wanted to edit...  

	 - Kevin

...Pet peeve of the month: <FONT FACE=ARIAL SIZE=-1> tags.  Sure, it may
look okay on Microsoft systems, but I can't read that stuff over here!
<squint>  They're popping up everywhere too...

Received on Saturday, 17 May 1997 05:03:57 UTC