Re: Bug: Amaya 1.0 deletes border=0 from <IMG>

> Now I have Amaya 1.0, and when I changed the content in one page
> and stored it, I noticed, that it had removed the border=0
> attribute from  <IMG> tags. I was not able to add them back
> using Amaya, I had to resort to vim to correct the pages.

I have tried to do the same and I did not notice any problem with
the border attribute: if it is in the HTML file, Amaya parses it
OK and saves it.
And you can always add a border attribute to an image by selecting
the image (just click on it with the left mouse button) and choosing
border from the Attribute menu.
What version are you running? on what platform? Could you send me
a (short) HTML file that shows the problem?

Does anyone else noticed that problem?


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Received on Tuesday, 13 May 1997 10:05:56 UTC