Re: Success porting amaya to FreeBSD

On 02-Apr-97 Daniel Veillard wrote:
> > >I just wanted to report that I had no trouble at all porting amaya
> >0.95b to FreeBSD (2.1.5).
>   Great, thanks a lot for your report and diffs.
>   Did you try to compile Thot Editor also ? Sould be
> just a matter of fetching thoteditor-src-2.0b.tar.gz from
> extract it under Thot directory, cd to FreeBSD and type in
> make thot
> (also need to build the schemas in Thot/schemas to actually use it).

I have not tried that but I may get to it in the next few days.

> >If there is anything else you would like (config.h?, any binaries?),
> >let me know.
>   Well I would be interested in the final content of the Thot/FreeBSD
> directory, mainly the config.h and precompiled libraries (zlib, jpeg,
> png and libwww) but I guess the main problem is to have Motif ...
> Concerning the binaries I don't know what's the usual distribution
> channel for FreeBSD binaries. However I would appreciate a binary
> distribution to store here, e.g. a tar with :

FreeBSD is available via ftp from, or on CDROM from
Walnut Creek Software, cf. and 

FreeBSD formalizes the notions of "package" and "port".  For packages,
one can install the binaries (executables, libraries, or both)
directly from the CDROM or by ftp.  The system is set up so that
packages can have other packages as pre-requisites, and an attempt to
install a package will trigger the installation of pre-requisites if
they can be located.  There are packages for the jpeg, png, z, and www
libraries.  (Eventually there could also be a package for amaya if you
want to set up some connection with one of the FreeBSD core team to
accomplish this, cf.  I encourage you to do
this.  There a lot of FreeBSD users out there and you can increase
amaya's exposure greatly this way.)  For a port as opposed to a
package, one gets off the cdrom or from ftp a simple Makefile (and a
few data files) that when made fetches a source distribution from
wherever and then patches it for the FreeBSD environment and finally
makes the software (but stops short of installing it).  As a minimum,
it would be easy to take what I already gave you and give it to
someone on the core team to set up an amaya port.

As you say, the problem usually is that people who have FreeBSD don't
necessarily have Motif.

> Thot/FreeBSD/bin/amaya
> Thot/FreeBSD/bin/print
> Thot/batch/MachineType
> that would be perfect !
> If uploading, use

OK, presumably you want a compile with -O not -g.  In a few days I
will do that and send the results to the ftp url above.

I am slightly behind the latest FreeBSD release; I am still waiting
for the 2.2 CDROM to arrive on subscription.  If that does arrive
soon, I will give you binaries based on FreeBSD 2.2, X11R6.1 from
XFree86 3.2 and (still) Motif 2.0 from ACC Corp.  Otherwise, I won't
wait and I'll send you what I can do for now.

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