Re: amaya segfaults on some jpgs, chokes on reloads, and other bugs

>>amaya 1.0b (Linux-elf) consistently segfaults on several jpeg images
>>if the pages are loaded from a server. Everything works fine if I load
>>the same page with the same images as a file.
>I found out something new: This only happens if amaya and the
>apache-server run on the same computer (in my case a Pentium 90). It
>seems as if amaya can't handle fast responses from the server while
>decompressing jpg or gif images. I installed an apache on my laptop
>with a 386SL which is connected via a PLIP-line, and now the identical
>files are displayed and reloaded just fine.

  Ok, I had the same problem at home ... A RedHat linux box with apache
installed by default ...
Could you tell me wether the same problem occurs with the amaya-java
version (I guess you're using the libWWW based one). At least at home,
using the java version (it uses Jigsaw Java classes for network accesses)
works fine now,


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Received on Sunday, 25 May 1997 20:57:43 UTC