Re: Do Plugins work in amaya?

At the begenning Amaya loades the dynamic libraries of plug-ins
(function TtaBrowsePluginDirectory, file: pluginbrowse.c) to
be ready to execute any known plug-in.

Ap_CreatePluginInstance is called by the function Ap_DrawPicture
(file pluginhandler.c). Indeed, plug-ins are treated as image
files in Amaya (Ap_DrawPicture is called by the function DrawPicture
file picture.c). In particular, the parsing of the mime type is also
done in the file picture.c by the function Match_Format which calls
the function Ap_MatchFormat (pluginghandlers.c). The result of this
parsins allows to create an instance of the right plug-in.


>Perhaps you can explain where and how in amaya the plugins are called.
>I don't see any functions or actual code which makes use of the
>table amayaFunctionsTable which is initialized in 
>pluginapi.c: Ap_InitializeAmayaTable
>You see I can't find any code which decides based upon the loaded
>plugin MIME types to call the appropriate plugin entry. For instance,
>I don't see any calls to Ap_CreatePluginInstance.
>I think that amaya is correctly loading and characterizing plugins:
>{hasty} amaya
>Size of NPAmayaFuncs = 72
>***** Ap_InitializePlugin *****
>Plugin type: midi
>suffixes: mid,midi
>comment: <A HREF=mailto
>Plugin type:>Larry Hoff's</A> MIDIX plugin version 1.00;audio/x-m
>suffixes: mid,midi
>comment: <A HREF=mailto
>Plugin name:>Larry Hoff's</A> MIDIX plugin version 1.00;
>Suffixes: mid,midimid,midi
>***** Ap_InitializePluginTable *****
>Size of NPPluginFuncs = 52

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