Re: amaya and thot up and running on FreeBSD-3.0

  This is good news !

>I noticed that went I use back and forth Amaya sometimes seems to get
>in an idle mode and refuses to display pages from there on.
>Has anyone seeing this behavior?

   I guess that you use the Java version isn't it ?
The java version, when interrupted shows amount of HTML code
which is available when stopped. If empty it displays an
empty page, this should be improved. This behavious is related with
back and forth since when looking for next/previous document, if
the current one didn't finished to load, it is interrupted, hence
the white page. For some reason, sometimes, the next or previous document
is not loaded when requesting a series of next and/or back actions.
and you end-up with a white, empty page ...
  This is a matter of synchronizing HTTP request initiated from
C code with the actual fetching done in the Java V.M. The DocumentLoaded
global variable can get messed up and from that point new fetchings
are not allowed. 

  Only solution yet is to not go back and forth too fast :-\


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Received on Thursday, 15 May 1997 12:57:56 UTC